The History of Ferine Arts

Ferine Arts is a music and art production company created in 2015 by a young artist who experimented with various styles of art.

In 2015, the company was producing by the name of Dynamix photo edits; and at the time, only photoshopped images for costumers. Original edits can be found at the (Inactive) Facebook page.

The company was inactive through late 2015 and mid 2016

During the hiatus the young artist was working on a series of paintings and masks which he later submitted to The Cherokee Arts Center in Georgia.

Not only was he working on art, he was also writing music for local percussion ensembles and highschool bands. By November of 2016, the young artist knew he had to reach out to more people.  

So he changed the company name from Dynamix photo edits to Ferine Arts and began creating digital artworks; only this time not for sale. 

By early 2017, Ferine Arts was running off of their new  Instagram page instead of the old Facebook page. They also started making various genres of music which you can find here.

By mid 2017, Ferine Arts had produced quite a lot of music, and with it, great success.
The Ferine Arts alias had been around for 5 mounths at the time, but was well received by the people. 
2017 Releases in chronological order.
March 25th - Useless War EP 
              May 11th  - Slow Boat
May 20th - Useless War 2 EP  
           June 1st - Adventure to the Unknown
August 9th - Storm Bust (Single)
August 14th - PYLON MOUNTAIN
November 2nd - GREY STATE
(Ferine Arts was also a member of ΛVIΛTION(A Vaporwave group))
Ferine Arts had gotten their entire discography on a Vaporwave radio station called 'Nightwave Plaza Radio' and and handful of songs on a station called 'Vaporwave Radio'.
Ferine Arts was offered to have one of their songs featured as a cue for National Television as well as offers to play live shows. But they did not have the equipment or the money at the time. 

During the submission sequence to find out who would release GREY STATE, Ferine Arts decided not to tell the three Net labels that agreed to release the album that other labels would be releasing as well. This caused conflict and eventually led to cancellations of the album release. But the album was released on November 2nd. Listen here

Ferine Arts's two albums were taken down on November 2nd by Sunset Grid due to conflict. These albums were Slow Boat and PYLON MOUNTAIN. Ferine Arts also removed Useless War 2 and Storm bust (Single) from it's personal bandcamp page.

The rest is left to the future!
And you!